We are proud to provide a huge variety of fabrics from the exclusive ILIV range. ILIV have a long history, acting as a supplier to many well known businesses and organisations across the UK and Internationally. 

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Astoria Collection
Inspired by the Great Gatsby Era, Astoria combines 1920’s deco style with modern jacquards and embroideries


Levande Collection 

A bold and playful mix of whimsical illustration and striking floral heads to communicate abstract art through graphic prints

Rainforest Collection
Vibrant prints teamed with intricate embroideries to create a tropical paradise

The Observatory Collection
Teaming botany with art to create a collection of fabrics that explores flora and fauna through hand drawn designs

Charnwood Collection
The Charnwood Collection features a mix of organic designs from wild grasses, budding sprigs and leafy foliage

Silk Road Collection
The Silk Road Collection features luxurious printed velvets, geometric woven fabrics and also a selection of eco friendly designs