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Sunscreen Roller Blinds combine privacy and protection in a stylish, convenient design - perfect for any Kiwi abode, commercial or residential. We have an extensive range of Sunscreen fabrics, finding a solution for your interior is made easy.


Roller Blinds are practical and convenient. Our diverse range of Roller Blind fabrics allow you to coordinate with your interior design requirements. From traditional tones to modern patterns, each range offers a solution to complement your decor. Blockout fabrics are suited for those who want maximum light elimination from a room, ideal for spaces such as bedrooms or home theatre areas where light control is critical.


Translucent fabrics are designed to offer an enhanced level of privacy from the outside by filtering natural soft light into the room. This feature is extremely useful in todays compact urban living where many houses and apartments are in close proximity to one another. In our range of European fabric, colour is again at the forefront of fashion and feature blinds allow you to easily add focus and style to your décor.