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Size: 220 - 300 cm x 220 cm Sold in pairs
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Plain chino-coloured unlined curtains in a heavy weight fabric, providing a low maintenance lined look that drapes softly. Also available as fabric for creating any custom made pieces to add to your decor.

Measurements shown are in Track Width x Drop. Sold as a pair.

The fullness of a pencil pleat curtain will vary depending on the amount of gather you create with the pull cords. Each pair of drapes measures:

Track Width Size up to 1.5m - gathered material approx up to 1.5m and ungathered approx 2.7m

Track Width Size 1.5m to 2.3m - gathered material up to 2.3m and ungathered approx 4m  

Track Width Size 2.3m to 3m - gathered material up to 3m and ungathered approx 5.4m


Curtain Heading: Pencil Pleat

Curtain Type: Unlined

Composition: 100% Polyester

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